Happy 5th Birthday Princess Tia!

Darling Tia is turning 5 years old today. I can’t believe its been 5 years. Feels like just yesterday & time is flying so quickly! Here are her pictures from this past week. We had a blast dressing her up in the traditional India Saree. She looks like a mini bride :).

We have not cut her hair since her birth & I wanted to capture her beautiful long tresses. She now wants to cut her hair but we are so emotionally attached to her hair, its going to be extremely difficult to cut it. If we do, we will be donating it.

Happy Birthday darling Tia & please don’t grow old so fast! Love you so so much:)

Baby Penny – Cake Smash | Santa Clara, San Jose Cake Smash Photographer

I had an awesome time photographing baby Penny, Mom & I had discussed about the dress, cake, decoration & I am so glad it all came together! I absolutely loved the simple pendant flags, the cake was awesome & Penny looked adorable in her dress. She was one of the easiest babies I have photographed for cake smash. She didn’t want to stop smashing her cake! Here are some of my favorite images & I hope you like them too!

F a c e b o o k